The Philippine Amusement and Gaming Corporation oversees and regulates the country’s gaming laws and regulations, which are among the most sophisticated in the world (PAGCOR). Did you know that the only nation in South East Asia to regulate internet casinos is the Philippines?


The only government agency in the Philippines with the power to decide on gaming licences for both brick-and-mortar and internet casinos is PAGCOR. PAGCOR is an important pillar to the government’s national budget.


PAGCOR gives back more than half of the money it makes to the national treasury, which it uses to support charitable causes, sports grants, and programmes that combat drug and alcohol abuse. Additionally, funds that are still held by PAGCOR are used to support social needs like housing and jobs.


Not widely known, is that PAGCOR has been in existence for over thirty years! Naturally, when it first began, its purview only applied to land-based casinos. The emergence of the internet and gambling websites is a relatively new development, and department policies are constantly being updated to fit the demands of the nation.


This is not shocking because technology has accelerated change in a world that was previously slow to adapt. PAGCOR’s profitability began to turn around in 2017, when gross income for the year surpassed a staggering P60 billion. The licensing of online casinos was most likely the source of the cash.


Online Casino PAGCOR


Legality and Philippines Casino Licensing


As was already noted, gambling has been carefully regulated in the Philippines since the beginning of the sector. To be more precise, the Philippine Amusement and Gaming Corporation is the first and primary regulatory organization in charge of overseeing such actions on Philippine soil (PAGCOR).


It was established in 1976 with the backing of the country’s then-president Ferdinand Marcos and continues to function as a wholly owned government agency that controls the aforementioned services to this day. The majority of the Philippine territory is covered by this organisation; however, another organisation explicitly refers to the enclosed commercialised grounds.


Due to its stringent regulations, residents are not permitted to participate in the tourists’ gambling activities at the hotels and resorts that are featured there. This is the Cagayan Freeport region, where a certain organisation licences and oversees the casino operators on its lands.


Licensed Casinos


The Pagcor’s regulatory rule is important to the vision of the country taking their place among one of the top gaming jurisdictions in the world. In general, PAGCOR seeks to


  • Promote fairness and integrity in the conduct of games
  • Maintain an orderly and predictable regulatory environment
  • Enforce licence terms and conditions
  • Provide a foundation for responsible gambling
  • Disallow minors and those who are financially vulnerable from entering gaming establishments
  • Prevent licenced gaming establishments from being used for illegal activities.

In order to meet the objectives mentioned above, the regulations and standards tailored to the Philippine context.


Reasons For PAGCOR Online Casino Revenue Increment


Several reasons have contributed to the recent increase in online casino income.


First, advances in technology have made it possible to play wonderful games. Because of faster internet, live dealer streaming is now possible on desktop, laptop, and other mobile devices. RNG gaming has advanced to offer a satisfying, trouble-free, and creative experience. Digital payment systems have replaced cash-based ones.


Internet Speed


The quality and detail of games can significantly increase with the availability of 4G (and soon 5G) internet speeds to users. Due to the effectiveness of connecting to the game server, internet speeds have rendered installing mobile gaming apps unnecessary. It used to be necessary to develop a mobile app because of sluggish internet connectivity.


Due to the effectiveness of connecting to the game server, internet speeds have rendered installing mobile gaming apps unnecessary. A mobile app had to be downloaded in the past due to sluggish internet speeds in order to play games smoothly and without glitches. But since that connectivity is so quick, it is now feasible to play immediately on a casino website.


Online Casino PAGCOR


Any internet browser can now dynamically render website layouts thanks to HTML5 code. Again, this has eliminated the need for mobile gaming apps that previously had to be tailored specifically for each size of mobile device (a real challenge for game developers).


Deposit and Withdrawal Methods


In the past, cash was the primary form of payment in the Philippines. Bank accounts were primarily used by big corporations; they were hardly ever used by the general public. Credit cards were scarce since they couldn’t be attached to a bank account because bank accounts weren’t being opened.


With GCash and PayMaya, the Philippines has one of the most sophisticated (and widely used) digital payment systems available today. Players may now enjoy online casino games thanks to these two digital payment options that have made deposits and withdrawals simple, quick, and painless.

Second, the expansion of the Philippine economy and those of its neighbours, namely China, has given players joining the online casino trend a tremendous push. China’s middle-class earnings have increased significantly in recent years, generating spare income that is used for gaming and entertainment. Due to this, PAGCOR now licences and oversees online casinos that let players from China play.




  1. Are online casino platforms available to players from the Philippines?


There are many casino platforms available to players from the Philippines, including those that are listed here. Players can sign up directly on their preferred platform and use the relevant player advantages that are provided there. Jolibet is a great example of a good online casino in Philippines.


  1. Will the Philippine players be able to access all the standard casino game types that’s offered in this industry?


The game selection at a particular online casino that accepts players from the Philippine market relies on the operator and the website software. The full selection of industry-standard slot machine types, table games, video poker, Keno, bingo, live dealer casino games, and sports betting markets are all available to players.


  1. Can Philippine players get bonuses and promotions in online gambling sites?


While bonuses and promotions also depend on the operator in question, Philippine players are nowadays able to benefit from the major bonus and promo offers available across the iGaming industries globally.


  1. Are online casinos easily accessible to players?


Many online casinos these days provide their players with mobile apps that can easily be downloaded onto their mobile devices or any other portable electronic device. Players can also access all their online gambling websites through their mobile devices. Even though some may not have their services optimized yet, the top-tier operators serving the Philippine player base often offer built-in customers for mobile gambling.


  1. What banking options are available for players at a Philippine casino platform?


Online Casino Gcash is known to be one of the most famous payment methods among players in casinos. Other than that, most casinos accept credit cards, e-wallets, online and repaid cash cards in their casinos. You should check the payment methods offered in each casino as they differ according to each online casino.